Lucia Berlin: A manual for Cleaning Women

Inte så ofta jag tycker jag kan skriva under på en boks baksidestext. Här gör jag det och citerar:

”For the last fifty years Lucia Berlin has been one of America’s best-kept secrets, celebrated by those in the know. The first publication of this collection of her astonishing short stories, in 2015, came a decade after her death and saw her rightly recognized as one of the most important writers in twentieth-century American short fiction. Her work has been compared to Alice Munro, Raymond Carver, and Anton Chekov.

Drawing on her own rich, itinerant life, Berlin invites the reader into a world of beauty, pain, laughter, drink and surprising moments of grace. In Mexico, Chile and the American Southwest, in laundromats, hospitals, motels and bars, she crafts miracles from the everyday. Her voice is irresistible.”

Musik. Mer musik.

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